About Take 5 and chat – parenting additional needs


When you have a child who needs a little extra care, or presents more of a challenge, you can easily feel isolated and different. Many other parents can’t understand the anxieties and concerns that you live with.

Take 5 and chat – parenting additional needs began in March 2015 – as a Facebook Page. I hoped that it would represent a safe place for parents to be, somewhere to drop in and to help you feel less isolated. A place where you can surround yourself with people who get it.

By ‘additional needs’ we mean any extra condition that your child is living with, for example: –  medical or developmental issues, physical, behavioural or emotional difficulties – or learning problems. There doesn’t have to be a diagnosis. Anything that means your child needs extra care.

By May 2015 the initial team had been trained and was ready to set up and run Café Drop-in sessions in Whitley Bay.

The Drop-in hit the ground running and we quickly became known in the area as a great place to be. Our hot drinks and homemade cakes created the café atmosphere we wanted, it’s a simple but effective idea! We run fortnightly, all year around, including school-age children during the school holidays.

We are now encouraging others to set up and run Café Drop-in Sessions in accessible community buildings for the sole purpose of providing support and encouragement to those parenting/caring for children with additional needs.


This web site is a place where you can find out more about our Café Drop-in model, read articles from other parents, see a little about the parent-led courses we run and, if you wish, get in touch with us.

The Facebook page, where it all began, is still our main way of keeping in touch so please like us on www.facebook.com/take5andchat and follow us on https://twitter.com/take5andchat !

Looking forward to meeting you when you drop in

Beth x

Please email us at info@take5andchat.org.uk or use our contact form
“Take 5 and chat has been an amazing support group for me and my son. I’ve met new friends who “get it” and dont judge us.”
Tracy B


“Take 5 and chat is a great place to go for a cuppa and a chat, to meet other families and gain support on additional needs.”
Joolz S


“At Take 5 and chat there’s no such thing as strangers… just friends who haven’t met yet! A place to laugh or cry with people who just get it!”
Lindsey W


“A warm and welcoming place where you can just be yourself! You will find help and support here you never expected and friends for life.”
Michelle J