Thanks to Michelle Jones for sending us this amazing poem.

I am a parent with ADHD
My house runs a little differently.
It’s full of laughter, love and mess,
Come in, I’m trying my best.

Just seems full of dishes and clothes
And mess – when I got distracted as
My boy was in distress.
I sit down and talk to him – and I feel blessed
For it’s me he comes too when he’s stressed.

The dishes, now there are a few,
I’ve got distracted by something new.
The washing is growing – it’s getting a mess
But my daughter needs her favourite dress.

The rest of the washing it can wait,
It’s my daughter’s day,
I’ve found the dress,
I am the best,
She’s now feeling like a princess!

The day is done and I am stressed.
I look around at what I’ve done,
It looks like I’ve not begun.
My mind, whirling with all the stress,
I suddenly realise
The kids won’t remember the mess
They will remember their mum
… who always tried her best.